Service Description:

a Social Network

User Guide

Activation of the service

From the page


from the “Services available” part of the page, select Twitter and press “Activate it”

Defining a trigger

with Twitter as provider, when another service is used as a consumer

twitter step 1 twitter step 2

with Twitter as consumer, when another service is used as a provider

twitter step 3 twitter step 4

if you tick the “fav” checkbox, this will allow you to “save” the tweet to another service, for example to Wallabag, to be read later.

Installation Guide

Requesting a key

Access the page

  • in the field “WebSite”, set https://<>
  • in the field “Callback URL”, set https://<>/th/callbacktwitter

then validate and grab the key on the next page

The service keys

Here are the modifications of .env file you will need to make to be able to use your credentials with Twitter

TH_TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY= 'your twitter key'
TH_TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET= 'your twitter secret'