Service Description:

A Microblogging tool and social network

User Guide

Activation of the service

From the page


from the “Services available” part of the page, select Tumblr and press “Activate it”

Defining a trigger

with Tumblr as provider, when another service is used as a consumer

tumblr step 1 tumblr step 2

with Tumblr as consumer, when another service is used as a provider

tumblr step 3 tumblr step 4

Installation Guide

Requesting a key

Once you are connected, go to https://www.tumblr.com/oauth/apps

The service keys

Here are the modifications of .env file you will need to make to be able to use your credentials with Tumblr

TH_TUMBLR_CONSUMER_KEY= 'your tumblr key'
TH_TUMBLR_CONSUMER_SECRET= 'your tumblr secret'