a crontab is a system that automates tasks for you, at a given moment.

Here are the tasks to run the Trigger Happy engine automatically

# trigger happy
20,40 * * * * . /home/trigger-happy/bin/recycle
10,25,41,55 * * * * . /home/trigger-happy/bin/read
*/15 * * * * . /home/trigger-happy/bin/publish

The first line is used to recycle the data, that is unpublished, for example, because of reaching a rate limit. When this behavior occurs, the data stays in the cache, to be used at the next loop.

content of the recycle command

. /home/trigger-happy/bin/activate && cd /home/trigger-happy/th/ && python recycle

content of the read command

. /home/trigger-happy/bin/activate && cd /home/trigger-happy/th/ && python read

content of the publish command

. /home/trigger-happy/bin/activate && cd /home/trigger-happy/th/ && python publish

You may notice the folder /home/trigger-happy/th/ in each command, this is a virtualenv given for the example

The periodicity of the execution is set like this, to avoid to make 2 tasks run in same time, and also, to avoid to reach often the rate limitation of Twitter and others sensitives services.