We will say we start from scratch. Assuming you already have python3.6 installed, with redis too.

Create a virtualenv

We just create a virtualenv with python 3.6 (or 3.5)

python3.6 -m venv myproject
cd $_
source bin/activate

Install from GitHub

We install Trigger-Happy from Pypi

git clone https://github.com/foxmask/django-th.git
cd django-th
pip install -e .[min]


python manage.py migrate
python manage.py createsuperuser

Start the application

python manage.py runserver &

Now open your browser and go to to start using the application

Adding the service Wallabag from the Admin

Admin Home of Trigger Happy :

click add from


and fill the fields.


For the service RSS (dont check auth required) and Wallabag (check auth required)

This will give something like :


Activating the service

Now that the 2 service RSS and Wallabag are enabled, go activate them for you :

“Activated services” (


Why this process from admin and non admin part ?

  • The project is hosted by yourself for your own need, but the project is able to handle trigger for your and your friends if you need.
  • Thus the ‘admin’ who hosts the project need to do some work of his admin part to add the service he will offer to user
  • Thus the user will go the his “my activated services” page to activate his service too.
  • But as you are all alone for the moment, you have the two hats : admin and end user, this is why you will need to do the two steps “Adding the service wallabag from the Admin” and “Activating the service”

Create a trigger

Once all of this is done, go back to the main page and create your first trigger