Service Description:

Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

User Guide

Activation of the service

From the page


from the “Services available” part of the page, select Mastodon then fill all the fields with the information you can have from mastodon:

  • in Nickname ; put your mastodon nickname
  • in Password ; put your mastodon password
  • in Client ID ; put the “Client key”
  • in Client Secret ; put the “Client Secret”
  • in the Host ; put the host of the mastodon instance

Then press “Activate it”

Defining a trigger

with Mastodon as provider, when another service is used as a consumer

mastodon step 1 mastodon step 2

with Mastodon as consumer, when another service is used as a provider

mastodon step 3 mastodon step 4

if you tick the “fav” checkbox, this will allow you to “save” the toot to another service, for example to Wallabag, to be read later.

Installation Guide

Requesting a key

On https://<your mastodon instance>/settings/applications/new fill the form and get the information to be used from the page of the activation of the service